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    For more than 50 years, Sunpro has been the Performance Legend with such memorable products as the Sun Super Tach® II. The Super Tach III represents a dynamic transition – classic design interpreted through modern aesthetics, evidenced in a 5” performance tachometer.

“Inherent to the Super Tach III are styling cues from the 50’s and 60’s sure to resonate with traditional enthusiasts, while today’s fanatics will find appeal in its progressive design,” said Joe Young, product manager, Sunpro. “Be it a 1965 or 2005 Mustang, the Super Tach III looks ‘at home’ on the dashboard.”

The Super Tach III is sheathed in a solid metal casing decked with a striking reflective chrome finish. Aerodynamic relief vents adorn each side of the parabola-shaped housing, accentuating its streamline styling. Perched atop is a prominent blue shift light that complements the tachometer’s retro, two-tone dial face graphics. Adjustable shift light and RPM set-point controls are sculpted for a seamless fit inside the bezel.

Vibration proof air-core meter construction ensures the Super Tach III is always accurate and reliable with fast needle response. It features a large 5” dial face and 0 - 10,000 REV scale. Internal settings can be adjusted for two-, four-, six-, and eight-cylinder engines. An adjustable swivel mounting foot allows for positioning at a variety of angles.

Other unique features of the Super Tach III include incandescent backlighting that projects a uniform illumination around the dial face for better night visibility. The shift light can also be repositioned around the tachometer to achieve the best viewing angle.

The Sunpro Super Tach III can be purchased from leading automotive parts stores. For more information about Sunpro products, visit www.sunpro.com.
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