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  We now offer many of our user manuals in electronic form. Manuals are in Adobe PDF format and you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.01 or higher in order to view them.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader™,
you can download it here.

If you don't see your product listed here, please request a paper copy by visiting our Request Form.

  Gauge Cage Pods
  Illumination Kits

Sunpro Gauges
  Sport ST Electrical Gauges
  StyleLine Black Face Electrical Gauges
  StyleLine Black Face Mechanical Gauges
  StyleLine Black Face Multi Gauge Kits
  StyleLine White Face Electrical Gauges
  StyleLine White Face Mechanical Gauges
  StyleLine White Face Multi Gauge Kits
  CustomLine Electrical Gauges
  CustomLine Mechanical Gauges
  CustomLine Multi Gauge Kits
  Retro Line Electrical Gauges
  Retro Line Mechanical Gauges
  Digital Hour Meters
  Analog Hour Meters

Sunpro Tachometers
  Sunpro Sport ST Tach
  Sun Super Tach II
  Sun Super Tach III

Manuals for Discontinued Products (coming soon)
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