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  Legendary 60’s styling reproduced with modern electronics inside and Retro looks outside. Carefully reproduced to match original dimensions. This tachometer will put the finishing touches on your restoration project. Many components are interchangeable with the original 60’s Sun tachs. Building the best from custom to factory tachs for over 65 years.

• 3-3/8” 90º sweep face
• 0-8000 RPM range
• 360º lighting
• Internal settings for 1,2,4,6,8,and 10 cylinder engines
• All metal tach housing with removable chrome metal cup
• Includes two mounting brackets, steering column and dash mount
• Vibration proof, air core meter design

• 360º lighting avoids uneven spots for better night visibility
• Bracket choice allows multiple mounting solutions
• Modern DIS ignition applications are covered by 2 cylinder setting
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