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Sunpro® offers a variety of Mechanical and Electrical gauges in several different gauge styles including white or black dial face with chrome or black panels and bezels. The gauges include Oil Pressure, Oil/Water Temperature, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Vacuum/Boost, Vacuum, Fuel Level and Air Fuel Ratio.

From street racers to classic automotive enthusiasts, Sunpro is dedicated to delivering the products consumers want most.
  Where Can I Find These Products?  
  Sunpro Gauges  
     2in. Custom Line Black Face Gauges 
       2in. EcoGauges 
       2in. Hour Meter Gauges 
         2in. Retro Line Black Face Gauges 
           2in. Sport ST Black Face Gauges 
             2in. Style Line Black Face Gauges 
               2in. Style Line White Face Gauges 
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