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FAQ: 2 5/8" Mini Chrome Bezel / White Face - CP7911  
      Does Sunpro make any tachometers that will work on a diesel engine?  
      I lost my tachometer instructions. What is the wiring color code?  
      Why won't the needle on my tach go to zero?  
      Can I install a Sunpro Tach on my motorcycle, boat, go-kart, food processor or other non-automotive engine?  
      How can I connect a Sunpro tach to a Ford DIS-equipped vehicle?  
      Can I install a Super Tach II or Super Tach II Mini on a DIS-equipped vehicle?  
      Where do I connect the green wire?  
      The needle on my tach jumps around. What's wrong?  
  Why won't the needle on my tach go to zero?  
  • All Sunpro tachs feature an air-core meter movement.

  • Air-core movements "float" until power is applied.

  • Each time you turn off your ignition switch, the tachometer needle will come to rest at some point on the scale.

  • This type of movement responds faster and is more reliable than older D'Arsonval movements.
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